Zaterdag, 10 Februari 2018

Workshop baby massage

Cuddles and music

Touch is the first language babies speak.
The age old tradition of massaging babies has many advantages for both you and your baby. Babies communicate through their bodies. By using baby massage a parent grasps the art of listening, asking permission, communicating, interpreting and responding to cues.
The workshop is limited to 5 families to guarantee you to receive plenty of individual attention in a warm, friendly, safe and supportive environment. Both parents can attend it.
You will learn how to massage your baby, giving you the skills & confidence to do it at home, work confidently improving your relationship with your baby. Touch between parents & baby creates a strong attachment, accelerates the sensory and cognitive development, helps the digestion and supports sleep and relaxation.
Pillows, handouts, massage oil and a coffee break is provided by us for each family. The class will be held in English. The workshop is conducted by a qualified baby massage teacher. 
Price: € 60 per family with Baby from birth - 9 months

Aanvang 10:00 uur.